Body cleanse detoxing

Body Detoxing  with Lymphatic drainage  beautiful skin

Enhanced Whole Body Drainage

This body cleanse uses a non-invasive, painless  Micro –Lymphatic  Therapy Machine stimulating the lymph using various  preset patterns of frequency messages to gently 

stimulate the lymphatic system to move. The light rhythmical strokes promote the elimination of metabolic waste products, excess fluid, and bacteria through elimination  body's natural detoxifying functions. (May be covered by Extended Health)

Now available at our day spa serving Port Credit, Mississauga and Toronto
 $ 94 +

  $ 74 ( First Time Client)

Infrared Full Spectrum Therapy Detox Blanket

 Reduces​ edema (swelling) , lymph drainage, detoxification of the body anti-aging effects. inflammations, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, insomnia fibromyalgia, fat and cellulite. hormone balancing, increases metabolism. 

(Please always check with your doctor if you are a suitable candidate)  

 $ 50- 95 ( 40 minutes) First time client $ 10 OFF

Hormonal Metabolic Reset Program

 Vital Body Works facial spa in Port Credit  has a unique way of  cleansing the body.  Using electro-acupuncture combined with micro-current therapy it decongests the body for actual fat loss, aids digestive metabolism,  diminishing inflammation.  This uniquely improves the body composition . ( Some conditions apply package pricing)  

 $ 99 ( First time client $ 10 OFF 

Organic Back Facial Ritual

The Custom Back  Organic Facial utilizes similar treatment procedure of a regular facial and is beneficial for cleansing those tough-to-reach spots, cleaning pores sloughing off dead skin cells that plugged pores  and acne

This  facial includes cleansing, organic fruit scrub , extractions if necessary, a fondant custom masque, finishing with a  massage balm ( 60 ) minutes 

 $ 110+ / each   Sale now buy 2 and get the 3rd treatment  1/2 price  ( First time client $ 10 OFF)