Frequently Asked Questions GREEN PEEL ® HERBAL Facial Port Credit in Mississauga



Port Credits ' PREMIER ANTI-AGING, Holistic Skin Peel CLINIC WITH UNPARALLELED ATTENTION TO SAFETY AND QUALITY. . With our unique anti-aging products, advanced technology and highly educated . We provide very private, individualized service in a discreet, quaint environment. Frequently Asked Questions GREEN PEEL ® HERBAL Facial Port Credit in Mississauga

Why is the Green Peel effective on atrophied skin?

 The original GREEN PEEL herbal peeling activates the skin’s own regeneration processes. Increased circulation is stimulated, which results in an improved supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin and activation of the skin’s metabolism. 

At what intervals can the Green Peel Classic be performed

One month for Classic , Every Two weeks for Energy, and every week for Freshen Up

Can Men Shave After The Treatment?

 Yes, they can dry shave but no wet shaving is allowed for 5 days with GREEN PEEL Classic. 

Can I wear Makeup after the treatment?

 No, make-up may not be used until after the follow-up treatment with active ingredients. 

Does the original GREEN PEEL CLASSIC make skin thinner?

 No, as the herbal peeling treatment activates the skin’s own regeneration processes, such negative effects cannot occur. GREEN PEEL actually thickens the skin. 


Does the original GREEN PEEL herbal peeling CLASSIC work on acne ?

Many factors play a role in the formation of acne: heredity, hormones, increased sebum production, disturbed skin cornification in the follicle, bacteria. Although the most significant cause, disturbed skin cornification, is alleviated by the peeling treatment, this effect is only temporary. Several peeling treatments will be necessary, and just how many and at what intervals will depend on the individual skin texture and severity of the acne. 

From what age can one have a GREEN PEEL CLASSIC

 The herbal peeling treatment should not be carried out on children. From puberty, depending on the individual state of mind and maturity, peeling treatments can be performed on teenagers. 

How does the GREEN PEEL CLASSIC work on the Body?

 You can take a quick splash bath with lukewarm water and then pat your skin dry. (Do not rub!) You can’t wash the area that has been treated with GREEN PEEL Classic, you can only use the products that you are given after your GEEEN PEEL Classic treatment. 

How deep are the effects of the deep GREEN PEEL Classic?

 Removal of the upper layers of the skin stimulates the growth zone of the skin to produce new cells. This results in an increased regeneration of the epidermis and the upper layers of the cutis. As the special massage with the herbal complex stimulates increased circulation in the skin, the cells receive more oxygen and nutrients. The activation of the skin’s metabolism shows a noticeable effect on the deeper layers of the dermis, containing mostly fat and connective tissue  

How is the GREEN PEEL Classic Body Treatments?

 Cellulite is primarily caused by a metabolic disturbance in the dermis and subcutis. Thanks to the process-activating massage with the herbal complex, the body’s own metabolic processes are strongly enhanced, resulting in a cleansing of the tissue. Additionally, the skin is firmed and the surface is smoothed. 

What are the effects of the GREEN PEEL Classic on the Corium?

 The synthesis of collagen and intercellular substance is activated during the treatment, which increases the moisture-binding properties of the skin. The quality of the collagen and elastin fibers is improved. . 

Why should the Peeled areas not come in contact with water?

 Too much water on the skin would cause the herbs to be “washed” out of the skin, lead to swelling and therefore inhibit the peeling process and not give desired results. 

When is a good time to get a Classic GREEN PEEL ?

 Generally speaking the original GREEN PEEL CLASSIC can be carried out all year round. Unfortunately there is a persistent rumor that peeling treatments shouldn’t be done in the summer. This is simply not true. There are absolutely no restrictions to when you can do the herbal peeling treatment, except that you must avoid excessive direct sunlight for 6-8 weeks after the treatment, and therefore may not sunbathe. As you go on vacation at all times of the year, that means that you wouldn’t be able to have a peeling treatment in the winter because your vacationing in the Caribbean, while some body else wouldn’t be able to have a peeling treatment in the summer because of a trip to Spain. So there is no rule of thumb. The decision must be made individually for each customer and not according to the season of the year. 

Do Men's skin react differently?

 Due to the somewhat thicker structure of men’s skin, the level of pressure is decided based on an individual skin analysis and the massage duration is also determined on an individual basis. 

Why can't the eye area be peeled?

 The extremely fine, delicate skin in the eye zone has a very low content of subcutaneous fat and has a tendency towards puffiness (swollen eyes after crying). 

Can you peel when breast feeding or pregnancy?

 To be on the safe side, NO. Although the herbs are absolutely harmless to the unborn child, complications during pregnancy affecting mother or child, caused by something completely different, could be misconstrued as being related to the peeling treatment. After the pregnancy, however, the herbal peeling treatment is ideal for diminishing striae/stretch marks.  The results of this treatment are especially good if the stretch marks and pigmentation marks that may appear due to pregnancy.