Natural Herbal Peeling with trace minerals, natural herbs and vitamins brings vitality to skin.

Green Peel Herbal Classic in Port Credit

"Enhance A New Skin In 5 -7 Days "

 Stay young with new skin from the original method developed in Germany by Dr.Med.Christine Schrammek-Drusio.

 Medically inspired  with three new treatments formulas for all application areas on the Face & Body . A natural formula offering a safe peeling method to aggressive Chemical peels and Laser Resurfacing with no unwanted side effects. reat article fodder, too.

A natural solution for various skin problems  

• Large pores, scars

• Acne, impure skin, blemishes

• Dull, saggy skin and poor circulation

• Sun-damaged, age spots and melazma Stretch marks (striae)

Sagging skin on the body (abdominal wall, upper arms, thighs) 

Works best in series from 3-6 treatments with interval of every 28 days

This treatment includes: First Treatment, Follow-up “Beauty” treatment after five days, and product for home care.

Green Peel Herbal Classic in Port Credit is a perfect fit for our holistic approach.

 GREEN PEEL Classic (New Skin in 5 Days)    $575 /treatment 

Herbal Peeling mixture is intensively massaged into the skin. Blood circulation is increased, the supply of oxygen and nutrition is improve and skin renewal is stimulated. Day 1 in Salon Peel 1hr Day 2-4 Treat Skin With  Home Care Day 5 in Salon Facial 1hr 

Level 2: Energy (Vital Complexion)  $ 300/per treatment

 Skin is treated with natural herbs, circulating blood and opening pores allowing the skin to absorb all the natural ingredients. The outcome after this treatment is an instant vibrant improvement of your skin’s complexion.• Effective and long-lasting, immediately noticeable• Activate blood circulation and skin metabolism• Helps diminish age related factors• Blemishes, impurities and hyper-pigmentationIdeal as an intensive treatment every 2 to 3 weeks or several times a yearIdeal treatment for Summer.   

 Level 3-  FRESH UP – Illuminate your skin!  $ 175/per treatment

This GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling Treatment, is called Fresh Up. This is the quick beautifier giving a fresh kick without a peeling effect.  Thisfacial is ideal for tired skin and effective in prevention of aging skin and loss of tightness. 
• Vitalizes the cells – the skin glows with renewed freshness• More radiant complexion• For a Special Occasion, e.g.• For a Party or important Business meeting Ideal preventative measure to combat premature aging and loss of elasticity, even when this is not yet visible.


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