Green Peel Energy Treatment in Port Credit

 Excellent for reducing the signs of premature skin aging. An effective curative treatment for skin with impurities, scars and hyperpigmentation. 

Green Peel Energy Treatment in Port Credit green peel energy facial


Green Peel Energy Facial

  This is a quick fantastic skin facial booster -- naturally!

The Green Peel treatment method is based exclusively on organic, natural plant ingredients for

visibly renewed skin. The big bonus – the herbs continue to work for up to 4 weeks!

There are three peeling treatments that are individually tailored to suit your personal needs.

Follow this link to see Dr. Schrammek products on "The Doctors". Green Peel® Energy revitalizes and regenerates your skin without the peeling effect. The natural herb mixture provides your skin with the natural energy it needs to stimulate 

blood circulation and metabolism in order to renew its cells. Green Peel Energy facial visibly improves the skin’s texture and appearance and helps to reduce impurities, scarring, pigment disorders and age-related skin imperfections. 


Pre-paid Series of 4 treatments
$210 p/t (save $200)

Price: $250
Treatment recommendations: 8 treatments; every two weeks. 

Additional Info

 Vital Body Works in Port Credit offers a Green Peel Energy facial does not cause skin peeling, does not require the use of at-home skincare products and does not involve a follow-up treatment. However, best results are seen with repeated treatments several times a year. 

 Consultations are always complimentary. Call us to book an appointment to come in and discuss any concerns, have your questions answered, have a test patch done, and most importantly, see if you feel comfortable. Let us help you understand what makes us unique.