Hypnotherapy coaching

Hypnotherapy Coaching is a natural state of mind it is safe, powerful and effective.If you have ever driven home and don't remember anything about the journey, or if you have been so absorbed in a book or a film that you lost track of time then you were in hypnosis.

While you are in hyper focused state your unconscious mind takes over. Under the guidance of a professional hypnotherapist, you can do things you cannot do in normal circumstances because you are relaxed. 

Some of the  Areas:

Creating  a better future Everyone is looking for a better future. These scripts use hypnotic metaphors and visualizations to enable you to imagine a better future, and by imagining it, you create it. Letting Go Of The Past These scripts enable you to let go of the past and its hurts, and get on with living the life you deserve to have  

 Emotional Healing Many people remain trapped in the past by fossilised feelings. These series use many techniques to allow the you to move on and heal the scars of yesterday.   

Fears and phobias Phobias can be debilitating and ruin a person's life. These  sessions  show you how to deal with common phobias and irrational fears.  

Self Development These scripts are about taking what you've got and making the most of it. Overcome the barriers 

Anxiety  These sessions are about ways of reducing anxiety. 

Now available in Port Credit, Mississauga and Toronto.

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