Vital Body Works Rejuvenate Naturally in Port Credit

 At Vital Body Works,  Port Credit  "inner balance and outer radiance".  Our approach is based on analyzing the skin and body as a whole. When we treat skin conditions at their source we restore beauty and harmony throughout.

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Vital Body Works Holistic Skincare Port Credit

 Located In The Heart Of Port Credit, Vital Body Works  is a private boutique for NATURAL skin and body rejuvenation . We  develop a made to measure customized skin strategy for each client and the special needs of their skin.

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Our Philosophy We LOVE Skin


 At Vital Body Works holistic day spa we believe in achieving clinical results with a  "Holistic Approach" .  Improving the appearance of your skin while elevating " Health From The Inside Out".  Every 27 to 37 days your amazing skin regenerates completely with fresh, youthful skin cells. However this leaves the sensitive skin around your face and neck covered with the pore-clogging dead skin cells from last month. .  Unbalanced skin creates conditions such as acne blemishes, enlarged pores, dark circles , puffiness, eczema/psoriasis , melanoma, sensitive, rosacea, age spots, pigmentation and  advanced aging  inflammation, and dryness.  We don’t believe in fighting our skin’s nature, but rather in nourishing it so that it can return to its natural, healthy glow with one of our French Organic Facials

PHYT'S Men's Deep Pore Detox Facial


The PHYT’S Men’s Treatment is an oxygenating, de-stressing facial, suiting all male skin types and perfect for devitalized and dull complexions. While this treatment focuses on refreshing and detoxifying the skin, The

facial starts with a skin cleansing and exfoliation to prepare the face. I

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 PHYT’S Facial Treatments are results driven to normalise and improve every skin, as well as being entirely relaxing for body and mind. On booking a PHYT’S facial treatment, your PHYT’S Skin therapist will cleanse and analysis your skin type and condition, tailoring the treatment to what your skin specifically needs. The treatments use purely plant based ingredients, rich in natural antioxidants and phytonutrients, rather than synthetics to achieve the desired results.

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Advanced Holistic Facials


 Vital Body Works, we offer a wide range of facials to meet your unique skincare needs. Our highly-skilled  holistic aestheticians make your healthy radiance their goal! 

Phty's Organic Facials


PHYTS is Certified Organic  and Eco- Conscious  Skin Care Brand offering a complete and effective of Facial & Body treatments.

Body Detox


 Using a non-invasive, painless  Micro –Lymphatic  Therapy Machine we stimulate the lymph to remove toxins

Bridal Facial


 Nicknamed the “bridal facial”, this treatment for anyone in search of skin perfection. The ultimate in glowing results, the skin is left deeply hydrated, firmed and oxygenated. 

Prom Ready Facial


 Vital Body Works  can help you look beautiful for your prom. We can help you obtain smooth, glowing, acne-free skin before this big day. We provide great professional makeover . 

Coming Soon Oxygen Cocktails


 The latest trend in the drinks market is beverages infused with oxygen, which is said to give the consumer a natural energy boost without the negative downfall. 

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Kindly note there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If  appointments are cancelled in less than 24 hours, there is a charge of 50 , a session will be removed from your package or your voucher will become null and void.  

Your courtesy and consideration is greatly appreciated some conditions apply.

Vital Body Works

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