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Vital Body Works Rejuvenate Naturally in Port Credit

 At Vital Body Works,  Port Credit  "inner balance and outer radiance".  Our approach is based on analyzing the skin and body as a whole. When we treat skin conditions at their source we restore beauty and harmony throughout.

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Vital Body Works Holistic Skincare Port Credit

 Located In The Heart Of Port Credit, Vital Body Works  is a private boutique for NATURAL skin and body rejuvenation . We  develop a made to measure customized skin strategy for each client and the special needs of their skin.

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Our Philosophy We LOVE Skin

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 At Vital Body Works holistic day spa we believe in achieving clinical results with a  "Holistic Approach" .  Improving the appearance of your skin while elevating " Health From The Inside Out".  Unbalanced skin creates conditions such as acne blemishes, enlarged pores, dark circles , puffiness, eczema/psoriasis , melanoma, sensitive, rosacea, age spots, pigmentation and  advanced aging  inflammation, and dryness.  We don’t believe in fighting our skin’s nature, but rather in nourishing it so that it can return to its natural, healthy glow.  

Men's Deep Pore Detox Facial

Mens facial, Port Credit, Deep pore,
hydration, cleans pores, exfoliation,
organic, cleans skin

 Choice of pampering, deep clean, hydration or brightening (for sun damage) customized specifically to the needs of men’s skin. recommendations to suit any lifestyle. Hydration and freshness leaving the skin clean and youthful .

 Starting @ 99.00  

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Opera Red LED Photo Mask Therapy


This  light therapy facial uses the Opera LED Mask to deliver light of wavelength into the deeper layers of the skin.

LED red light therapy is predominately used for its skin rejuvenation.

Red light stimulates collagen and elastin production.

A red light therapy facial also helps to strengthen the skin. Thanks to the additional collagen production, making the skin more resilient.

Starting @ 20 

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