Natural Nourishing Super Foods For Youthful Skin

Rejuvenate Naturally in Port Credit

 At Vital Body Works our vision is to become the foremost recognized holistic wellness studio for skin and body using eco-conscious treatments for spa and at-home use.

Natural Skin using Acupuncture & Frequency enhance cellular changes

Vital Body Works Holistic Skincare

 Located In The Heart Of Port Credit, Vital Body Works  is a private boutique. Using made-to-measure services using quality, natural products that bring together effectiveness, pleasure and beneficial effects.

Botanical Peels, Green Peel Fresh Up. Vitality, AHA, Swiss Med,

Botanicals Derived from Natural Ingredients For Your Skin

  We believe in achieving clinical results with a  "Holistic Approach".   We have a Made To -Measure approach when it comes to: acne blemishes, enlarged pores, dark circles, puffiness, eczema/psoriasis, sensitive, rosacea pigmentation and advanced aging.

minimizes pores, reduces wrinkles, detoxes  resurfacing, exfoliation, diamond dermabrasion.

Men's Diamond Dermabrasion Deep Pore ( on hold for now in house)

 Diamond dermabrasion using oxygen to slough off dead skin cells, detoxifying,  deep pore, cleansing facial & adapted specifically for men’s skin. 

Prices start @ 150 with detox mask

Diamond Dermabrasion , oxygen, radio Frequency, clear smooth skin, small pores lifts black heads

Diamond Dermabrasion Clear Skin

A unique dermabrasion technique using diamond tip technology to smooth away fine lines, refine pore size and minimize skin imperfections. 


5 Days to New Skin!!!!

5 Days to New Skin!!!!

5 Days to New Skin!!!!

Original Green Peel, Vegan Friendly , 5 days to new skin, clear fresh skin, new vitality

 It is a peel that continuously delivers outstanding results! skin is fresh, clean, and healthy after every peel.

Second Skin Facial

5 Days to New Skin!!!!

5 Days to New Skin!!!!


  Our most nourishing facial treatment improves elasticity in sagging skin.

Body Care Detox

5 Days to New Skin!!!!

Collagen Anti Aging Facial

Body Sculpting using Non invasive lifting with EMS and RF

 Using a suite of natural technologies the body rids its own natural waste and toxins in one treatment. 

Collagen Anti Aging Facial

Oxygen Red Carpet Infused Facials

Collagen Anti Aging Facial

Collagen Anti Aging rejuvenate skin, peel

 A treatment designed to restore the depleted collagen and rejuvenate your skin. This treatment includes a peel that suits your skin followed by a collagen mask and oxygen mist.  

Oxygen Red Carpet Infused Facials

Oxygen Red Carpet Infused Facials

Oxygen Red Carpet Infused Facials

Oxygen Red Carpet Facials,  high pressurized medical grade oxygen, with botanicals

   The secret to celebrity picture-perfect skin. It hydrates the skin with a stream of high-pressurized pure medical grade oxygen infused with botanical, vitamin, mineral, and nutrient extracts. Prices start @ $ 200

Nano Eye and Lip Plumping

Oxygen Red Carpet Infused Facials

Oxygen Red Carpet Infused Facials


 Experience instant hydration and immediate smoothing around eye area with this non-invasive treatment with no required downtime.

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